domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

A blog about psoriatic arthritis

(em português)

My name is Alfredo Simões and I am a person affected by psoriatic arthritis.

I decided to create this blog with the aim of enabling people affected by the disease may voluntarily disclose or make available experiences or related sources of information that can assist and facilitate the way of life of patients.

This blog is open to people who want to tell their experiences of living with the disease, the people who are aware of cases of family or friends and also people who can help in any way to minimize the suffering associated with this chronic disease, including medical professionals.

The information contained in the blog should not be used as an alternative to any diagnosis, advice or prescription of medical specialists, or not, in this area of medicine, whether it be of any nature. This blog serves simply as a place to share information so responsability can not be relied upon to the creator of the blog or anyone participating in it.

All posts added to this blog will be moderated by its creator to ensure the absence of inappropriate texts or outside its scope.

For you who just visit this blog, we invite you to participate now. Thank you.

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